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Free Music Lessons

Banjo Lessons
Frailing Banjo - 39 minute video lesson by Patrick Costello on Frailing the Banjo. A number of his other videos can be found here.
Banjo Lessons at - Includes lessons and information on instrument maintenance and setup, building a banjo, fixing banjos, setting up a banjo, banjo theory, chord construction, rhythm and scales. Also includes info on buying a new banjo, banjo chord charts, practice tips, reading tablature, tuning a banjo, and much much more. This site is great for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced player.

Bass Guitar Lessons - a nice selection of bass guitar lessons, tips and techniques can be found on the left sidebar of this site.
Learn Bass Guitar at Youtube
Free Bass Guitar Lesson at - Get one free lesson on "The Groove Suck Method" - Registration required and lesson with 16 MP3 audio tracks will be sent via email.
Free Bass Guitar Lesson by George Urbaszek with 31 years of professional bass guitar playing. Registration required which will get you a free lesson emailed to you.
Easy R & B Bass Line by Russ Rodgers. Russ also offers over 50 downloadable Bass Guitar lessons that you can purchase.

Clarinet Lessons
Clarinet Lessons and Sheet Music - Two different clarinet sheet music scores, The Laurel and Hardy Theme Song, and Flamenco Sketches.
Clarinet Fingering Charts - Fingering charts for Boehm, Albert, and Oehler style clarinets as well as Kinderklarinettes.
Clarinet Care Video - Beginners Lesson on the care and feeding of a clarinet.
Using the Clarinet Register Key Video - Another beginners lesson on using the clarinet register key.

Drums & Percussion Lessons
Drum Video Lessons - Online instruction videos, video interviews, drum solos, and other interesting percussion related videos.
Drumming Lessons - Offers beginning lessons (how to hold a drumstick, etc.) Essential rudiments, advanced rudiments, upbeats, downbeats, drum setups, and combinations.
Drum Lesson Videos - Offers an extensive set of percussion and drum lessons for beginners and experienced drummers alike. There are 13 beginner drum lessons, 10 drum theory and notation lessons, 12 dynamic drumming lessons, 41 drumming riff lessons (they call them "Drum Set Rudiments", 21 rock drumming lessons, 9 jazz drum lessons, 6 latin drum lessons, 5 double bass drumming lessons, 33 "play along" lessons, 23 drum solo lessons, and 23 cover song drum lessons. With all of this free info, you could spend hours on this site. A++++

Flute Lessons
Flute Video Lessons - at Youtube
Flute Riff Lessons - at

Harmonica Lessons
Free Blues Harmonica Lessons at This site has multiple lessons and is easy to navigate.
Free Harmonica Lessons by JP Allen (Signup required)
Harmonica Lessons at

Guitar Lessons
Beginner Guitar Lessons at Guitar Player World Set of 16 lessons designed to take you from beginner to intermediate level. Topics include exploring the different parts of a guitar, how to read tabs, understanding the fretboard, barre chords, chord progressions, guitar tuning, and easy songs to learn on the guitar. Also offers Video Guitar Lessons.
Beginning Guitar at
Learn Guitar at Youtube
Blues Guitar at
Guitar Lessons at (signup req.)
Speed Guitar Lessons at
Very nice guitar training site with much to discover. Learn different musical styles including Rock, Counnry, Blues, Jazz, Fusion, etc.

Oboe Lessons
Oboe Lessons - Lessons and instructional material from Martin Schuring, associate professor of music at Arizona State University.

Piano Lessons
Piano Lesson Videos at Youtube
Piano Lesson Videos at - Christopher Schlegel is an experienced musical performer and teacher. He has been playing music for over 30 years, and piano for 14 years.
Online Piano Lessons at (signup req.)
Beginner Piano Lessons at - Very basic beginner piano lessons. Good for kids or those just starting out.

Saxophone Lessons
Saxophone Riffs at
Free Saxophone Sheet Music at
Jazz Saxophone Video Lessons at - by Mitch Kaplan

Singing Lessons
Singing lessons at This site offers a huge set of resources for beginenr and experienced singers and vocalists.

Tuba Lessons
Tuba Lessons at
Free Tuba Sheet Music at

Ukelele Lessons
Ukelele Lessons for Beginners at Pineapple Pete's Ukelele School. This free site offers the real basics including how to tune your Uke (very important), strumming chords, etc. Another free advertiser supported site.
Video Beginners Lesson at (Tafkam1) Gets you going on some basic chords. (3 minutes)
Learn Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue on Ukelele at (Gtut98) Nice easy uke song anyone can learn. (2:37)
Learn Tiny Bubbles on Ukelele at (Gtut98) Another easy one, though I'm not a big fan of the song. Played over the top of the actual song. (2:05)

Violin Lessons
Free Violin Sheet Music - offers over 130 different pieces for free download.