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Behringer K900FX Ultratone Keyboard Amplifier (90 Watts, 1x12")
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on 8-20-2018.
Product Description
Rock bands: they're loud. And being a keyboardist means having to compete for audibility with pounding drummers, booming bassists, and guitarists who are always on "eleven." Keyboardists deserve to be heard, and only a dedicated keyboard amp like the Behringer K900FX can deliver the power, tone shaping, and extended frequency range that your instrument needs.

A Gig-Worthy Amp Tuned for Keys and Synths

Guitarists and bassists have their own frequency spectrum to dominate, but keyboardists have to cover the entire spectrum of music, from club bass through punchy midrange all the way up to airy special effects. A dedicated guitar amp or bass amp isn't going to provide the range that a keyboardist requires. This Ultratone amp is designed to reproduce any tone your digital pianos and synths can churn up, and it does so with a combination of two custom-designed speakers. A beefy 12-inch woofer handles everything from sub-bass up through the midrange, and a 1-inch tweeter takes care of the high-end, adding shimmer and attack to your tone, and helping your playing chops stand out on a crowded stage. A ported cabinet design enhances the lower-midrange punch, and because the K900FX puts out an awesome 90 watts of power, you'll never have to worry about a distorted tone in the middle of the battle to be heard.

Critical Tone-Shaping Controls and Effects Built-In

Behringer gives you everything you need to craft your sound so you'll always be heard, no matter how dense the mix. The five-band EQ on the K900FX is more than most guitar or bass amps include because a keyboard's extended range demands it. Beyond simple EQing, this keyboard combo amp has an amazing selection of effects to enhance any tone. With 100 presets that include reverbs, choruses, flangers, delays, pitch-shifters and more, it's like an instant upgrade to your synth or digital piano. The Behringer 24-bit digital effects processor architecture means that every preset gives you studio-quality sound.

Doubles As Its Own PA

With its full-range performance, the K900FX is the natural solution for a self-contained PA system. Keyboardists are always playing solo gigs, and if you're a keyboardist who sings or plays with backing tracks, you can leave the rest of your gear at home when you bring along a Behringer amp to your gig. This one features three individual channels with full stereo inputs for your keyboard and auxiliary audio players. There's even a dedicated microphone channel with an XLR jack for connecting your favorite live vocal microphone. When music is your livelihood, you need to keep your overhead as low as possible. The K900FX does saves you money, setup time and transport hassle while sounding great -- while still being loud enough for full-band gigs.

Th K900FX delivers power, flexibility, amazing sound, and full-range performance at an unbelievable price. Only Behringer could make an amp like the K900FX and make it affordable for every player. Let your sound be heard with the K900FX Ultratone keyboard amp.

Get an overview of the K900FX in this video from Behringer:
Reviews From Buyers
I play the guitar and use the Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth. I got this "PA Amp" because a guitar amp could not handle the wide frequency of highs and lows that come from the GR-55 (which has many keyboard sounds, deep basses and screaming high instruments) I have played live with this unit without the amp being mic(ed) or a line out being used and it performed wonderful. I bought a pole stand to put it on and that helps the sound get right at hear level (built in whole for pole like PA speakers). I talk to Roland Keyboard amp owners and the word is that their tweeters break easily and most have switch to the Behringer now. They have had theirs for some time and have had no problem with it (unlike the more expensive Rolands) I LOVE THIS THING!
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Shipping Weight: 45 lbs
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Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): K900FX
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Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): K900FX