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Ampeg SVT7PRO Bass Amplifier Head (1000 Watts)
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on 8-20-2018.
Product Description
Plug in to pure low-end power with the Ampeg SVT-7PRO, a 1000-watt bass amp head that's surprisingly compact and lightweight.

Weighing in at 15 pounds, the SVT-7PRO is the ultimate portable amplifier head. Don't let its weight or small size fool you, though, because the SVT-7PRO is equipped to drive your entire guitar rig with classic Ampeg tone. The PRO Series bass amplifier head offers a high-end tube front-end and powerful Ampeg tone controls, paired with a Class D solid-state switching power supply to keep the weight low.

Check out our exclusive demo of the Ampeg SVT-7PRO Bass Amplifier Head:

Powerful Performance Features

Like other amp heads in Ampeg's PRO Series, the SVT-7PRO sports professional features like a flexible five-position mid tone control, remote switching FX loop, and a built-in variable compressor. Moreover, versatile EQ options help you customize the SVT-7PRO's tone to suit your needs. Its preamp sports a JJ 12AX7 tube that feeds the unit's Class D power section, giving the SVT-7PRO loud presence combined with the warmth associated with vacuum tubes.

No Learning Curve -- It's Plug and Play

As far as ins and outs go, the power amp includes a direct output for recording, Speakon outputs for connecting the unit to your speaker cabinet, a headphone output for silent practice or pre-gig warmups, aux input, and a tuner output. All the basics are there in a straightforward layout. Ampeg's SVT-7PRO comes with removable rack ears so you can rackmount it if you wish.


- 1000-Watt (into 4 ohms), Class D (solid-state) power amp
- Single 12AX7A vacuum tube preamp for warmth and classic tone
- Switching power supply keeps weight low without sacrificing power output
- Onboard optical compressor
- 3-Band EQ with adjustable mids
- Selectable -15 dB input pad
- Dual function mute and peak LED
- Effects loop with separate send and return jacks
- Switches: Mute, Ultra Lo, Ultra Hi
- Controls: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, 5-Way Mid Frequency, FX Mix, Master volume
- Outputs: Headphone, Tuner, XLR Tube Direct
- Stereo RCA auxiliary input
- Jacks: Preamp Out, Power Amp In, Footswitch, 2 Speakon-1/4" combo speaker output jacks
- Small-scale, lightweight (15.5 lbs.) form factor
- Includes removable rack ears

If you want a simple-to-use, powerful bass amp head, check out the SVT-7PRO.
Reviews From Buyers
Alright so I bought this thinking that this item is perfect. It is light-weight and produces 1000W of power!!! Not to mention it is Ampeg which is known for its high quality sound and products! Not to mention a lot of professional bass players run Ampeg systems and so bam! I bought it and at first sight I loved it. The sound that it produced was unbelievable. I could not be happier. Keep in mind I play a BC Rich Widow 5 String Bass through a Boss ME-50B pedal with a Sonic maximizer i428 through a Ampeg 410HLF cab. So anyway first few practices go beautifully and I am stoked my band is stoked and then 4-6 practices later is when the problems begin. In the middle of practice the Amp starts shutting itself off then back on. It was getting really frustrating. Some practices it happened and other times it did not. I was getting really worried to because I just got this product and it is already causing me problems. So anyway I played one gig with no problems and the very next practice it happened again. I called up ZZounds and explained my problem and they said that it was fine and they would ship me a new one if I prepaid for it up front or just ship the one I have with me. I prepaid for the new one to be sent to me and I got this one in with no problems. It has not cut out since and I hope it stays working for the years to come.
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