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Ampeg Micro VR Bass Amplifier Half Stack with SVT Micro VR Head and SVT210AV Micro Classic...
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on 8-20-2018.
Product Description
Need a great stack to pack into your van for road gigs? The Ampeg MICRO-VR bass amplifier half stack to the rescue? Don't let its mini size fool you: with an SVT MICRO-VR head and a SVT210AV Micro Classic cabinet, this Ampeg dishes out tones-a-plenty down to a rumbling 40 Hz. This stack pushes 200 watts worth of classic SVT tone through two 10" Eminence speakers, and features gain, bass, midrange, treble, and volume controls to shape your signal. This tower of tone also boasts limiter and -15 dB pad switches, 1/8" instrument in and headphone jacks, two speaker outs for adding extra cabs, and an XLR line out if you want to go straight into the mixer. Get yourself ready for a powerful stack that won't break your back.

200 Watts of Classic All-SVT Tone

Your SVT MICRO-VR head harnesses the power of 200 watts to fuel your axe's signal with some serious punch. This amp projects that classic sought-after SVT tone full of low-end crunch and punch. Plug your bass in and feel that awesome rumble make its way through the floor and into your very soul. That's what playing through an Ampeg SVT is all about!

Three-Band EQ with Ultra Mid Control

To get your signal crafted just right, your Ampeg MICRO-VR bass amplifier half stack features gain, bass, midrange, treble, and volume controls in a no-nonsense display. This little-stack-that-could shows you that powerful and full-bodied tone can be at your fingertips without a huge and heavy rig; you don't always need boat-loads of controls, settings, or bass models. Keep things simple, and bring on the rock.

Two 10" Eminence Speakers

The SVT210AV Micro Classic cabinet's 10" Eminence speakers suit the forceful punch that the SVT MICRO-VR head dishes out. Your Ampeg MICRO-VR half stack is great for smaller shows, and for bigger stages, you can take advantage of the MICRO-VR head's XLR direct out to go straight into the mixing board. This cab delivers a frequency response of 58 Hz to 5 kHz, giving you a nice hotspot of forceful sonic clout. This baby also features a usable low frequency of 40 Hz, so you'll never be short of bottom end to keep things anchored.

SVT Micro-VR Head Features:

- Solid-state SVT amp head
- 200 watts of power at 4 ohms
- One channel of classic SVT tone
- Gain, bass, midrange, treble, and volume controls
- Limiter and -15 dB pad switches
- One 1/4" instrument input
- One 1/8" audio in and one 1/8" headphone in
- Two speaker outs and one XLR line out
- Weighs in at only 9.9 pounds

SVT 210AV Speaker Cabinet Features:

- Two 10" Eminence speakers
- Power handling of 200 watts at 8 ohms
- Frequency response of 58 Hz to 5 kHz
- Low usable frequency response of 40 Hz
- Weighs in at only 25.9 pounds
Reviews From Buyers
If you have been shopping for an amp, look no further. This is the one. In the early nineties, I tested every bass amp there was and and none suited me other than the Ampeg SVTIII and the 4x10 cab. Used (and still am) a Fender Precision with EMG pickups. Some amps had there good points, but I was looking for fat with punch, so Ampeg was for me. Time marches on and that rig was a monster to lug and load. Ten years ago I got a Behringer BX600. Easier to lug, but lacked that rich full bottom that the guitar players always complimented the Ampeg on. Looked at this Micro VR for a while, skeptically, but recently bought it. Four gigs later and the guitar players are raving about the bass again. Me too! AND it is so light! Had casters on the other stuff. Not this one. Even the fiddle player (female) likes it (she said it's cute, too!). Plays well with effects (Source Audio) without haveing to cut back on the gain. It' has the most even sound across all four strings. It is a fan cooled MOSFET so if you run it hard, the fan will run faster and noisier but cools quickly and will be ok in time for the next quiet song. Also worth noting that it will handle octaves well below the fattest string.
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Shipping Weight: 46 lbs