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M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller, 32-Key
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on 8-20-2018.
Product Description
Shatter barriers with the Axiom AIR Mini 32 from M-Audio. Uniting serious power and unmatched ease-of-use, the Axiom AIR Mini 32 is the ultimate tool for the mobile musician. This compact controller provides 32 great-feeling mini keys with plenty of room to play. Take control of your sessions with eight knobs, eight drum pads, plus transport and software navigation buttons. Their HyperControl technology instantly assigns the controls to work with your recording software. Completing this powerful package is their Ignite(TM) music creation software--providing the fastest path for transforming the ideas in your head into a finished piece of music.

Take Control

The Axiom AIR Mini 32 offers extensive control, yet remains simple to use. Their HyperControl technology instantly maps the control surface to work flawlessly with your recording software, so there are no set-up chores required. Customize your setup right from the keyboard - no editing software required. Save your favorites to the 10 memory locations for instant recall. Add to that dedicated transport and track select buttons for true Best-In-Class capabilities.

A Quicker Approach to Making Music

With Ignite, you can now capture your ideas quickly with professional results. Individual musical ideas are captured as phrases, simply called clips. Multiple clips can be played back together, or even grouped to create more complex phrases and song sections. Ignite provides seamless integration with any current M-Audio keyboard controller. Once connected to your computer, the key parameters will be automatically assigned, or mapped, to the front panel controllers. This tight integration provides an out-of-the-box solution that simply works--with no set-up chores to perform.

Space-saving style

Ideal for the on-the-go or laptop musician, the compact Axiom AIR Mini 32 serves up 8 responsive pads and 32 velocity-sensing mini-keys, opening paths to expressive performance. Choose a velocity curve to match your playing. Pitch Bend, Modulation, and Sustain buttons add serious performance capabilities. Octave shift keys provide access to the entire MIDI note range.

Sound Your Best

Included with Ignite are over 275 remarkable instrument sounds developed by AIR Music Technology. In addition to a versatile arpeggiator, Smart MIDI technology provides both a Chord Player and a Phrase Player that can introduce musical parts to enhance your production--even a drum pattern. Email your ideas to the rest of the band. Share your musical ideas and songs with other musicians through SoundCloud -- all without ever leaving Ignite. Plus, you can export WAV, MP3 and MIDI files, and then import them into any DAW recording software--including Pro Tools.

Ableton Live Lite

Ableton Live Lite delivers much of the functionality of Ableton Live--the revolutionary, multi-award winning music production solution that allows you to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise and edit your musical ideas in a seamless audio/MIDI environment. Live brings your acoustic, electronic and virtual instruments--as well as your digital audio recordings and MIDI sequences--together in a single interface with unparalleled ease of use.

Ignite Music Creation Software - Crafted for the Way You Create

Ignite offers a musician-based workflow that empowers your ideas and brings them to life


- 32 low profile velocity-sensitive mini keys
- 8 assignable drum pads (x2 Banks)
- 8 knobs, 5 navigation and 3 transport buttons
- Sustain, pitch bend, and mod buttons
- Ignite music creation software
- 275+ AIR instrument sounds
Reviews From Buyers
The Air 32 is a good keyboard. I plan to use it more as a travel instrument but it seems to fulfill my needs. Its incredibly light, couple pounds tops. And already designed for ableton, making it easy to carry/set up. No Re-MIDI mapping every time I use anything beyond the keyboard (nobs, beat pads, pitchbend buttons). I really enjoy having the extra 7 keys, since I like to build instrument racked drum kits in Ableton. I like to use a wide range of bass notes, and the 32 provides this. I have not tried the Ignite software included and cannot tell you anything about it sorry.
Weight, Dimensions, and Manufacturer Part Numbers
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 17 x 10 x 3 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): AXIOMAIRMINI