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Akai MPC Live Music Production Workstation
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on 8-20-2018.
Product Description
The Akai MPC Live takes the immersive production workflow and game-altering performance breakthroughs first introduced by the MPC Touch and ratchets up the stakes by adding standalone functionality. The result is the MPC Live, a portable MPC that's ready to dominate the studio and the stage.


- The portable MPC: Same bangin' sounds as the MPC X in a much smaller footprint
- Battery-powered with an internal lithium-ion battery
- Run standalone or connect to your Mac or PC
- Made to travel: Weighs only 5.5 lbs
- Stunning full-color 7" multi-touch screen
- 16 responsive, RGB backlit MPC pads built for performance

The Iconic MPC

An argument can be made that the Akai MPC, with its classic workflow, legendary swing and instantly recognizable sound, is the most important instrument to be created in the last 50 years. The iconic MPC has given life to groundbreaking musical genres that have left an indelible mark on global pop culture. In turn, the massive technological and creative influence of our production machine has spawned numerous products released with the aim of repackaging that MPC magic. Following in the footsteps of greatness is never easy. But Akai did it.

Touch Meets Feel

At the heart of the MPC Live is a beautiful, full color 7" multi-touch screen that puts boundless amounts of creative control at your fingertips. Simple gestures instantly become complex polyrhythmic drum patterns. Sophisticated effects automation can be crafted quickly and precisely. Your sound is at your fingertips.

Of course, banging out drum patterns is at the core of any beat-oriented production workflow. The MPC Live features 16 amazingly responsive, velocity and pressure-sensitive RGB pads, perfect for getting the full expressive range out of your kits.

Studio Centerpiece, On Stage Powerhouse

Versatility is crucial for all producers. Being able to easily pivot from creator to performer means more people have the opportunity to see and hear your music. The MPC Live makes the process of transporting your studio creations on to the stage incredibly seamless by combining the power of a production centerpiece with the portability and rugged design of an on stage workhorse.

Weighing in at just 5.5 lbs., the MPC Live is compact enough to fit into a small gig bag or backpack and light enough to effortlessly carry to the gig or another studio. But what makes the MPC Live truly unprecedented is nothing so portable has ever been this powerful.

Packing 16 gigs of on-board storage, the MPC Live features numerous ways to take your beloved sample library and MPC sessions anywhere. Files can be accessed and transferred to the built on-board storage via the built-in SD card slot and/or two-port USB hub. The same USB hub can also be used for MIDI controller connectivity. If that's not enough room to win any storage war, the MPC Live also features a 2.5" SATA drive connector providing additional storage via installation of a fixed hard drive - SSD or HDD (sold separately).

Want to cut more cords out of your life? The MPC Live can also be powered via battery (rechargeable Lithium-ION).

Standalone? Check. Battery powered? Check. Contains massive amounts of internal storage? Check. Your creative flow now knows no borders and bounds.

To Plug or Not to Plug

Whether you prefer to go computer-free or not, it can't be denied that there are some fantastic sounding VST instruments and effects out there. For those times when you need your favorite plug-ins, the Live effortlessly goes from formidable standalone to high-powered MIDI controller, explicitly engineered to run the powerful MPC Software 2.0 on the computer in a DAW or standalone. A number of features added to 2.0 include: Audio track recording, improved time warp, enhanced Q-Link control, audio and MIDI drag and drop--all appearing on a graphical interface.

Infinite Sounds, Unlimited Inspiration

The MPC has a well-earned reputation for sounds that hit hard and sound great, right out of the box. The X builds on that reputation. Pre-installed with 10 gigs of world-class sounds, The Vault 2.0 features samples and kits from top-notch sound design companies including Capsun Audio, MVP Loops, CR2 Records, as well as our own.

"In creating the concept for the MPC Live we wanted to preserve the MPC feel and workflow that people love, but turn it on its head and put the best of what a modern touch-screen interface can offer. What we have now is the fastest MPC workflow ever," said Product Manager Dan Gill.

The MPC Live is the pinnacle of lengthy research and development, detailed feedback from our passionate user base and the merging of the best technologies from across our product line.
We proudly present the Music Production Center that embodies the best of past, present and future beat-oriented production machines. The MPC Live will be your studio centerpiece and live performance instrument of choice for years to come.
Reviews From Buyers
I got this unit in July and still learning how to use it. I have never used an MPC before. The mac pro video series has a tutorial that skims the basics, after watching that I started messing around with it. The MPC forums have a lot of valuable information to help you get started. If you buy this unit the only thing you MUST also buy is the MPC bible from the MPC forums. It dives in depth and will turn you into a master. Now to review this unit let me begin by putting out the most important gripe by many others, The software is still in Beta mode and some features are not yet available. Trust me the features in which are available will keep you busy for the next year at least. The Live has a battery and you can use it anywhere. The build quality reminds me of the Ableton Push very solid! It comes with a lot of sounds but you must remember that this is a sampler so the sounds are unlimited. The inputs on the back are 1/4 inch dual phono jacks unless you have a turntable and ONLY then can you use the RCA's via phono preamps. You will need a mic preamp if you want to use a mic. May I suggest buying a Tascam DR-40 or other mini recorder with a 1/8" stereo jack to dual 1/4 inch phono jacks to make a portable rig to get your mic sounds into the Live. without needing power. The wifi and blue tooth are not active yet but will be soon. The Live works very well and if you never have used MPC like me, you will be able to have a lot of fun learning it as you make music with it. This unit is deeper than you could imagine with all the onboard Fx and instruments. If you are reading this you should buy one for yourself only if you want a portable studio that rocks and you are willing to learn to use the Live.
Weight, Dimensions, and Manufacturer Part Numbers
Shipping Weight: 9 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 21 x 11 x 5 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): MPCLIVEXUS