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Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass
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on 8-20-2018.
Product Description
If you're new to bass, then the Dean EAB acoustic-electric bass is a great starter instrument to break your fingers in on. A warm mahogany body yields a nice helping of depth for each note, and a comfy and sturdy mahogany neck gives you 24 frets to play with. A smooth rosewood fingerboard invites your fingers for a comfortable walk up and down each fret, and a Dean passive onboard preamp pumps your signal when it's time to plug in. A steal for the price, the Dean EAB is a great bass to get your fingers warmed up before committing to a pricier instrument further down the road.

Finding Your Instrument

If you're just beginning to get your ears and fingers used to the feel of playing bass, then the task of finding the right instrument can at times seem daunting. The Dean EAB acoustic-electric bass is the perfect starter bass guitar for you to work on your chops without breaking your wallet. Acoustic-electric basses are perfect for more intimate performances, and they can be a pleasure to strum unplugged on your own in your room or practice space.

Spruce Top for Bite -- Mahogany Brings the Body

Spruce and mahogany is a classic tonewood pairing for acoustic-electric instruments. The Dean EAB's spruce top offers crisp projection, and an attractive visual aesthetic with its organic grain pattern. Mahogany on the sides and back provides a deep resonance with plenty of body. A hefty dose of the low and middle frequencies makes for a warm tonal experience, unplugged or through an amplifier.

Dean Passive Onboard Preamp

The Dean passive onboard preamp takes the reverberation of your Dean EAB acoustic-electric bass' spruce and mahogany body, and gets it ready for articulate amplification. You have a volume and a tone control to tweak your sound to your personal taste.

Mahogany Neck and Rosewood Fingerboard

The mahogany neck on your Dean EAB is topped with a smooth rosewood fingerboard. You have a wide tonal reach of 24 frets to travel up and down. Modest pearl dot fret inlays mark your fret positions, and mahogany helps your strings maintain a pleasant sustain for when you want to let those notes ring out longer in tasteful anticipation.


- Dean EAB acoustic electric bass
- Select spruce top
- Warm mahogany body
- Invitingly smooth ebony fingerboard
- Sturdy yet comfy mahogany neck
- Scale length of 34"
- 24 frets with comfortable action
- Pearl dot fret inlays
- Rosewood bridge
- Clear and articulate Dean/Passive preamp electronics
- Die-cast tuners
Reviews From Buyers
Out of the box, the strings on it were way too trebly for this style of instrument. Once I changed them for flatwound strings, the tone was more fitting for an acoustic instrument. THis, plus keeping the action kind of high (via truss rod adjustment) eliminated the fret buzzing that others have reported. It does make it harder to play fast, but most for most players that's not what the acoustic bass is for anyway. After the strings and tweaking, it delivered exactly th ekind of upright-like sound I was after.
Weight, Dimensions, and Manufacturer Part Numbers
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 52 x 22 x 6 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): EAB