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Fender American Elite Jazz Bass V, Maple Electric Bass Guitar
In stock at Guitar Center
on 10-30-2017.
Product Description
Packed to the gills with Fender's latest revolutionary innovations, the American Elite Jazz Bass V is an active 5-string bass for the modern bassist who demands cutting-edge tone technology along with timeless style and fast, smooth playing feel. Its versatile sound easily matches any playing style—picked, plucked or slap-and-pop—while its standout looks remain authentically Fender, with a fresh twist.

With the exclusive all-new fourth-generation Noiseless pickups, Fender has achieved the sonic equivalent of cold fusion—vintage-style response with completely noise-free performance. These muscular pickups are fueled by a redesigned robust 18-volt preamp cranks up the power for even more signal quality for chest-thumping tone with more headroom and reduced noise. Designed for fast playing and effortless position changes, the compound profile neck with a 9.5”-14” compound radius fingerboard is ideal for all playing styles. A modern “C”-shape at the new genuine bone nut, the profile morphs along the length of the neck to a modern “D”-shaped profile at the updated neck heel, providing plenty of comfortable support for fret hand antics. Posiflex™ graphite support rods run the length of the neck, adding stability to the neck while resisting temperature- and humidity-induced warping. The HiMass™ Vintage bridge increases note attack and resonance for thunderous basslines with colossal punch and boundless sustain while allowing either top-load or strings-thru-body stringing. In a vintage-inspired touch, the new truss rod adjustment wheel has been moved to the butt end of the neck for easier access, making neck relief adjustments a snap.

This bass is packed with Fender’s immortal aesthetics—from the ergonomic contours to the black chrome headstock logo, large pearloid fret markers and new color this instrument will pin the audience’s ears back with it’s gigantic tone and slick style. The American Elite Jazz Bass V is a bold new bass for adventurous bassists who need a tonal multi-tool that refuses to compromise on any front. Includes a redesigned Elite Molded Case with body-hugging contours to provide increased protection for your cherished instrument and TSA locks.
Reviews From Buyers
The defining characteristic of this bass, compared to my prior Fender V, is the fourth generation Noiseless pickups. Unlike their N3 predecessor, these truly are noiseless. (I found the N3 to be annoyingly buzzy in passive mode and prohibitively so in active.) They provide all the tonal variety you expect in a J-bass, plus an onboard EQ in active mode. The compound neck shape is quite nice: starting with a rounded 9.5" fingerboard radius and "C" shaped profile at the nut, morphing to relatively flat 14" fingerboard radius and "D" shaped profile at the higher frets. Helps keep the wide neck manageable. And I'm glad Fender finally figured out how to best design a truss rod adjustment. Finally, the instrument is simply gorgeous in the sunburst and tobacco burst finishes.