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Vox Pathfinder 10 10 Watt 1x6.5 Limited Edition Union Jack Guitar Combo Amp
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-31-2018.
Product Description
The Pathfinder 10 pumps 10 tone-filled watts out into a solid 6.5" speaker. Use the Clean/Overdrive switch to instantly go from a clean, chime-y tone to the creamy warm VOX signature distortion. Set your gain higher, and switch from a crunchy blues to a high-rain roar. Gain and Volume controls let you get just the right feel; Treble and Bass EQ knobs serve up a range of tones. The line out/headphone jack provides a filtered signal ideal for direct recording or late-night practice. This limited-edition model features a Union Jack theme for lovers of that classic British tone.
Reviews From Buyers
I always like to have a second practice on hand just in case my primary goes down. I had a Marshall MG30CFX Amp, but I just didn't like the tone and complexity of operating it. It was great on lower gain settings, clean and crunchy stuff; but not very good on high gain. So I went to Guitar Center to trade it in and had planned in mind and was pretty set on an Orange Crush Series since I knew they had a pretty good Solid State Analog tone. Then I saw this Vox sitting in the middle of the store on sale. So I played the Orange first and almost bought it and then my wife looked at the Vox and I thought I better play it just to be sure. I was blown away. It is a very warm amp, sounds great clean, crunchy or with super high gain; which surprised me. I just didn't expect it to sound so good with the overdrive turned all the way up. Incredible sustain, tube like feedback. The setting are few and simple; Gain, Volume, Bass, Treble and a push switch for Clean and Overdrive. While they are simple I was surprised again. Each knob is very sensitive and just a minor turn really does tweak the tone and helps you to get pretty much whatever tone you wish. It is only ten watts so you can't play out with it unless you mic'ed it; but I do think you could probably do band practice depending on how hard your drummer hits. For the price you can't find a better practice amp under 20 Watts.