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Sax Dakota SDA-1000 SP Professional Alto Saxophone
In stock at Guitar Center
on 6-28-2017.
Product Description

This alto distinguishes itself by virtue of its large, graduated bell, 5.32" at its end. This alone contributes to a capacity for darker, huskier expression, further accentuated by its brass alloy with77% copper content. Sax Dakota‚Äôs signature thin "low profile" pads custom fitted into every key cup, guaranteeing outstanding resonance, intonation and timbre. 

  • Rose brass body, bow, bell, and neck
  • Silver plated finish on body, bell, bow, and neck
  • Complementery keys, guards, and trim
  • Graduated oversized bell
  • Blue steel needle springs
  • Front F key
  • High F# key
  • Tilting spatula keys
  • Triple tempered black oxide tapered pivot screws
  • Genuine mother of pearl key touches
  • Hand engraving
  • Ergonomic key design
  • Adjustment screws on vital key areas
  • Solid wood case with tweed covering, tan trim, brass hardware