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Sonic Reality Serafine FX Tron Platinum HD Edition
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-31-2018.
Product Description
In Sonic Reality's Serafine FX Tron HD Edition, world-class sound effects from legendary sound designer Frank Serafine ("Star Trek," "Tron," "Hunt For Red October," "Lawnmower Man," Peter Gabriel) come together with the latest software plug-in technology to bring you a complete sound effects workstation. Packed onto a 250GB hard drive Infinite HD (7200RPM USB2/FireWire 400/800), the sound effects collection includes over 20,000 high-quality Sci-Fi effects, industrial, animal, vehicle, ambient, nature, and other sound effects, all easily accessed for realtime performance and virtually unlimited sound design.

Individual sound effects can be searched for and then drag-and-dropped into Infinite Player/KONTAKT window. From there, the Sonic Reality Serafine FX Tron sound collection lets you play that sound across the whole keyboard at any pitch, reverse it, time stretch it, add effects, and layer it with other effects. Save infinite sound creations that suit any media project-from films to video games to TV, radio, websites, music production, and more. Use the same sounds as those found in award-winning films with advanced interactive foley and sound effects you can mold like clay. Whether used standalone for Mac and PC, or as a plug-in for ProTools, Logic, Cubase, or any audio/video production software that supports AU, RTAS or VST, this sample library a one-stop source for all your sound effects needs.

About Frank Serafine
Over the past 30 years, Frank Serafine has worked with some of the best directors in motion pictures. Together with his staff of sound designers, mixers and engineers, he created some of the most widely used and recognizable sound effects found in the industry. His work has been featured in many top Hollywood and video game productions including those mentioned above as well as Grand Theft Auto 3, Poltergeist II, and more.
Over 20,000 sound effects from world-class sound designer Frank Serafine
Includes sounds used in top film and video game productions
A workstation for multiple sound effect types such as ambient, industrial, animal, human, musical, mechanical, nature, science fiction, special FX, and more
Perform sound design and interactive foley in real time
Play sound effects at any pitch, stack, and layer to create new "larger" sounds
Forward, Reverse, Time Stretch, and manipulate the formants in real time
Add convolution space to match sound effects to dialog and other sounds in the scene
Over 18GB of cutting-edge sound effects that work as a plug-in for every major platform on the Mac and PC (ProTools, Cubase, Logic, Stand Alone and more)
Built-in database search for instant access to thousands of sound effects
Built-in DSP effects including filters, EQ, compressors, limiters, flangers, distortion, convolution impulse ambience, digital delays, reverb, and more
Expandable with additional FX Tron and Cinema Session effects libraries
Comes with Sonic Reality's fully expandable "Infinite Player" powered by KONTAKT
HD Edition comes pre-installed on an included "Infinite HD" 250GB hard drive which is bus powered and has USB, FireWire 400/800 connection