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Ampeg BA108V2 1x8 Bass Combo Amplifier
In stock at Guitar Center
on 4-1-2018.
Product Description
The Ampeg BA-108 8³ Bass Combo delivers classic Ampeg tone and performance-driven features in a highly-affordable package perfect for practice. Its special design features a true 60-degree sound reinforcement monitor angle that adds clarity in any situation. The front-facing panel is easy to access at all times with great features like a headphone out and line in to practice silently with your mobile music device. Built to last, the rugged enclosure features an all-steel amp chassis and protective metal corners. Decked out in black with front facing controls, the BA-108 is an extremely professional practice amp for the money.
Reviews From Buyers
For the $, this is a great amp. Nice tone and plenty of volume. This is a PRACTICE AMP. Anybody talking about how it didn't cut it "at the club" is a fool and obviously an amateur. if they were a pro, they would have guessed. That being said, you COULD use this in a small, quite coffeehouse type setting with no worries.
I bought this for my 11-year-old son to practice on. I have a studio, but he wanted something for our music room upstairs... I also wanted something to use for recording. I use a redbox DI, but it's nice to have a little volume for the bass player without cranking up the NS-10s. You Could use it for recording, but as some have pointed out, it has a little buzz to it. I will try a phase reverse at some point and see if that clears it up...