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Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple 6-Piece Shell Pack with Free 8 in. Tom
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-30-2018.
Product Description
The Catalina Maple series starts with the Gretsch maple formula shell. Gretsch carefully developed the maple shell specification to produce tones that explode with attack and volume, and project a balanced amount of warm, low-end frequencies. All Catalina Maple shells are 7-ply, 7.2 mm. Gretsch cuts the drums with 30-degree bearing edges for that "great Gretsch sound."

Gretsch hardware includes fully-adjustable Gretsch ball-and-socket tom holder with 12.7 mm tom arms, 9020-style mounting brackets and their famous 5-lug configuration (a standard Gretsch feature for over 50 years) for all 10 and 12 in. toms. The rounded badges on this 6-piece shell pack are a first on any Catalina Maple kit.

All drums feature a multi-step lacquer process that produces an extremely glassy-smooth finish that is hard and durable. In addition, Gretsch partnered with Remo drum heads to produce a distinctive batter and resonant head combination.

Catalina Maple drums are easy to tune and produce full tones right out of the box. Add-on drums are also available to allow for further drum set expansion.

Cymbals and hardware sold separately.
Reviews From Buyers
What can I say. I have been playing for 35 yrs started with Yamaha then to Pearl. My current studio kit is a Pearl Reference kit. So when I embarq on a journey for a gig kit it had to fit the bill. 1) must be Maple 2) must be road worthy 3) must fit budget of $3500 ( kit,road bags,and hardware) Tall order. It came down to Tama Superstar and this Catilina. Not only did the Catilina play better with the stock heads but once you replaced then to Evans G2 the kit will blow you away! The only thing wrong with the kit would be an option for a virgin kick. I only set up the 12,14,16 and this kit groves. I play anything from Paul Simon the puddle of mudd and the kit so far holding up to my expectations. If your having second thoughts about this kit then go out and take them for a test drive. Price,playability and road worthy take from me who has gone through a ton of gear this kit will be in my arsenal for years to come. Cheers And keep playing