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PSP Audioware Lexicon PSP 42
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-29-2018.
Product Description
Lexicon PSP 42 is a high quality digital stereo delay and phrase sampler plug-in based on the legendary Lexicon PCM 42, famous for its distinctive sound and unique concept. Lexicon PSP 42 has been carefully designed to accurately reproduce the flexibility and warmth of this renowned classic. This has been accomplished by incorporating precise tape saturation algorithm and a delay line operating with variable sampling rate which simulates physical properties of vintage tape machine delays. The plug-in has been designed with consideration to preserve maximum signal quality at every processing stage.

The Lexicon PSP 42 is capable of generating wide variety of delay-based effects ranging from tempo-locked feedback delay with high frequency absorption and tape saturation to flanging and phasing effects. A flexible modulation section for continuous delay time and pitch control allows the user to add subtle animation or swing to the processed signal as well as to create unpredictable, alien sounds when pushed to its limits. The freely adjustable delay line sampling frequency makes Lexicon PSP 42 a good tool for creating low-fi effects that sound smooth thanks to the superior characteristics of employed interpolation algorithm. Close attention has been paid to make the unit operate without audible clicks or pops.
High quality signal processing algorithms
Up to 9600 ms of delay time depending on internal sampling frequency
Continuous control of delay time
Tight synchronization to the host tempo and its changes
Tape saturation simulation based on the algorithm used in the line of our mastering processors
Low pass filter for high frequency absorption modeling
Modulation section with three different modulation signal sources (sinus, square, envelope detector) mixed in any proportions
Phrase sampler capability
Parameter filtration and on-the-fly cross-fades for smooth and click-free operation
Support for sampling rates of up to 192kHz
MIDI and VST automation
Logic Control support
Library of presets