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Mogami Overdrive Guitar Cable Right Angle to Straight
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-29-2018.
Product Description
Mogami has added a ruggedized Platinum-level cable series to meet the unique demands of electric guitarists. The Overdrive Series includes guitar and speaker cables, designed to work separately or in combination with synergistic results.

Mogami Platinum guitar cable is recognized as being among the finest instrument cables on the planet, exhibiting extraordinarily neutral, extended, and detailed sound from any instrument. However, it was designed for careful stage and studio use where cables can be handled with professional care.

Mogami Overdrive Guitar Cable, while being more rugged, reveals even more presence, dynamics and upper frequency definition. For tone purists who make the most of the stage, this is your cable.

Overdrive Cables contain no electronics, just pure copper. Following the guiding principal of Mogami cable, these cables are designed to deliver the original sound of the instrument with no coloration.
Reviews From Buyers
In a Blues & Rock band(classic rock). A Marshall JCM2000 DSL201, with Pauls, PRS, and Strat. I haven't been able to put my Strat down, since I've heard the extra dimension of sound, I didn't realize was missing, before I used the Mogami platinum overdrive cable(s) There is a certain "Clarity" & "Tonal Character" that I've always chased "Nailed It!"