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Marshall 50th-Anniversary Guitar Speaker Cabinet Straight
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on 8-24-2017.
Product Description
Marshall Amplification is pleased to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 4x12 inch speaker cabinet.

In 1965, Jim Marshall and his small team created something iconic that would change rock music forever: the 4x12 inch angled and straight speaker cabinets, which became known as the Marshall stack. over the next 50 years, the main design of the archetypal Marshall 4x12 inch cabinet has changed very little, and Marshall stacks continue to be seen on stages all over the world.

These limited-production cabinets commemorate 50 years since the stack was born, with period correct aesthetics, build quality and craftsmanship.

Each cabinet features Celestion G12M 20W speakers with solder tags, as per the originals, as well as authentically recreated fret cloth.

Each UK-built cabinet also comes complete with a rear panel commemorative plaque, handbook and dustcover.

Select straight or slant construction above.
Power handling: 80W
Speakers: 4x12 inch Celestion G12M
Limited edition 50th-anniversary aesthetics
Authentically recreated rubberized pinstripe fret cloth
Includes commemorative plaque on rear panel
Includes commemorative handbook
Includes dustcover
Made in the U.K.
50th-Anniversary Guitar Speaker Cabinet