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Casio PX-780 88-Key Privia Digital Piano
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on 1-11-2018.
Reviews From Buyers
This piano is truly an instrument. It isn't a toy, a goofy keyboard, or a quirky fun machine (although sometimes it can be) it is an instrument with a beautiful, natural sound that rivals most upright acoustic pianos and is only bested by actual grand pianos. The key response is better than any electric piano I've ever touched before and frankly better than many acoustic pianos (key bounce back is not too quick and not too slow). Casio paid attention to the details with this instrument.After playing this piano daily for over a month, I went back to my parents grand piano and didn't skip a beat (pun intended). That means the key action on this piano is so similar to a real piano I couldn't even tell a meaningful difference between the two.I would recommend this piano to anyone from the beginner to the concert pianist. I would also recommend buying a piano bench that is 20in tall, this seems to be the right height for this piano, Casio recommends 18-20in for this model.If I had one complaint it would be that at certain volumes with certain notes the sound can be too loud, louder than what you would normally get from an acoustic piano in the same situation. This is infrequent and probably more about the sound capabilities of the speakers themselves than the piano and probably present in electric pianos in general which may just be an \"electric piano inch thing. Even though this piano has good bass to begin with, I still would add a small powered sub-woofer.Overall A+
  • For intermediate and advanced players
  • 250 built-in tones
  • Includes score stand and AC adapter