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Morley ABY Channel Switcher
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-29-2018.
Product Description
Choose between 2 inputs or 2 outputs with the Morley ABY Channel Switcher. It can also mix 2 mono inputs or split an input to 2 outputs at once. LED indicators. Uses 9V battery.
Reviews From Buyers
Upon using the Morley ABY channel switcher, I was surprised to find that my tone significantly diminished when in "Y" mode between two amps. I'm running a Nashville Tele between an Orange AD30HTC and Fender HRD with a POD xtl in front of it. The Orange suffers the most, losing shimmering highs, some body and sustain. The digital POD to the HRD is buffered, so that helps my signal, but their is bleed between the amps. Also, popping noises can be heard when switching the Morley. Overall, it is a great price to use between switching two guitars, but for running expensive vintage amps, go with a Lehle ABY.