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Orange Amplifiers OR Series OR15H 15 Watt Compact Tube Guitar Amp Head
In stock at Guitar Center
on 1-12-2018.
Product Description
The new Orange OR15H guitar amp takes its lead from the legendary graphics amps of the '70s, creating the classic Orange '70s tone is a new compact package using the latest technology and construction materials.

The OR15H offers an alternative specification for those looking for a 15 watt Class A guitar amp, still delivering the vintage Orange tone and for the first time offering the "Pics Only" styling in a smaller package with a wooden chassis, three band EQ and FX loop.

With incredible vintage tone and unmatched versatility, once heard you will be hooked on the OR15H for life.
Reviews From Buyers
Just tried an Or 15. Great amp. Plugged in through a ppc 212 speaker cab and a les paul. Awesome sounds. The clean is warm and mello. The overdrive is what makes this amp though. It's so amazing! Warm, articulate, and hits you in the face, with plenty of gain on tap and an excellent 3 band eq. It is loud! The only tones you could get for bedroom volumes are clean and a good classic rock. Any more gain and it gets fuzzy. A good overdrive pedal could fix that though. Outside of bedroom levels this amp seems suited for many areas, and it can always be miced up. Also there is an fx loop to run any reveb or delay etc. This amp does many styles of music very well. If simplicity is your thing, check it out!