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Gretsch CM1E826 Catalina Maple Drum Shell Kit, 7-Piece
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on 6-22-2018.
Product Description
The Gretsch CM1E826 Catalina Maple drum shell kit features an innovative design that provides comfortable playability while keeping hardware longevity in mind. Each drum is built with Gretsch formula 7-ply maple wood along with Gretsch-designed hardware to yield an ergonomically friendly experience -- reducing performer fatigue and unnecessary hardware wear at the same time. This shell kit includes one kick drum, one snare drum, three rack toms, and two floor toms.

The Gretsch Catalina Maple Series

Gretsch's Catalina Maple series have become a popular choice among many drummers. Each 7-ply Gretsch-formula maple shell features 30-degree bearing edges for rounder, fuller sound. Maple drum shells balance low-end resonance with mids and highs. All drums are ready to rock and come fitted with Remo drum heads. If you're tired of hammering on a starter set and are in the market for something better, this Gretsch shell kit is a great upgrade.

Secure Mounting Hardware

Your Gretsch CM1E826 Catalina maple kit utilizes an ergonomic design that not only yields a comfortable feel, but also saves you in the long run on repairs and upkeep. The ball/socket 12.7mm L-arms for your rack toms offer a lot of room for positioning each tom and provide a secure hold for increased stability. Keeping your kick drum hoops looking nice are rubber isolators for the die-cast bass drum claws. All drums feature an attractive black/gold Catalina Maple round badge.

A Bigger Kit Boasts a More Dynamic Sound

Having three toms and an extra floor tom can really go a long way. Aside from looking cool, the extra set of rack toms allow for a wider tonal spread. This opens the door for playing in a greater number of genres and styles. If you're interested in getting a little weird, try putting one of the extra floor toms by the hi-hat and see what interesting fills this orientation can lay at your feet.


- 6-piece drum shell kit
- All shells feature Gretsch formula 7-ply maple wood
- Catalina maple round badge
- One 14 X 6" snare
- One 8 X 7" tom
- One 10 X 7" tom
- One 12 X 8" tom
- One 14 X 14" floor tom
- One 16 X 16" floor tom
- One 22 X 18" kick drum

Gretsch Hardware Includes:

- Low-profile GTS tom suspension system
- Low-profile tom and FT leg brackets
- Double tom holder with cymbal mount and 12.7mm L-Arms
- "T-Wing Nut"
- Bass drum mount plate with "G" memory lock
- Tom clamp
- BD claw with rubber isolator
- Remo(R) drum heads

NOTE: Other hardware and cymbals are sold separately.
Reviews From Buyers
First of all, let me say that ordering this kit from zZounds was a breeze and the payment plan is perfect for me. I ordered this kit (with the Walnut Glaze finish. Beautiful!) from them on a Friday and it arrived at my front door the next Tuesday afternoon. I had previously ordered this kit from another company because they were selling it for $100 less, but after waiting a month and a half with no sign it would ever show up, I finally wised up and ordered from these guys. As far as the drums themselves are concerned, I couldn't be happier! They look incredible but, more importantly, they sound even better. The tone off of the toms was great once I got the top and bottom heads tuned the way I like them and the bass drum is indescribably good. Such a magnificent, low "THUMP!" to it with very little effort. I just tuned it low, put a Kickport in the front (don't know that that was necessary, but it's what I did) and taped a 3"x5" patch of felt on the batter head to take a little of the resonance off and it sounds absolutely killer! I read a previous review that says the 8" tom is useless, but I disagree. It's more of an accent drum, but I've used it as part of the whole kit for 3 gigs now so far and have really enjoyed having that extra "color" to work with. The snare is very good, but possibly my least favorite part of the kit. I have been working on adjusting the head tensions on it though and have been happier since then, so perhaps I just need to put a little more work into it to get the sound that I want out of it. That's a small complaint though and, overall, I would say this kit from this company is a fantastic purchase. I am loving that great Gretsch sound and look forward to years of fun playing these babies!
Weight, Dimensions, and Manufacturer Part Numbers
Dark Cherry Burst
Shipping Weight: 95 lbs
Silver Sparkle
Shipping Weight: 96 lbs
Walnut Glaze
Shipping Weight: 99 lbs