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Mogami Gold Patch Cable with Right Angle Connectors
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-29-2018.
Product Description
With its short length and right-angle 1/4" plugs, the Mogami Gold Instrument Cable is designed specifically for connecting effects pedals. Mogami cables deliver uncommonly clear accurate, transparent tone with dead silent background.

Mogami has been revered by audio professionals for almost 50 years now. Their cables are a staple in music recording and post production facilities worldwide. Until now Mogami products were only available to audio professionals and then only in large bulk quantities. Now their cables are available for everybody, pre-wired for all live performance and music recording applications.
Reviews From Buyers
This is a great cable. i was looking for a patch cable and the guy behind the counters like do you want studio sound? well this cables only 3 dollors more. and one of the best cables i ever bought! this is a good cable for new or experianced guitar players!