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Sonic Reality Cinema Sessions: Gold Edition
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-31-2018.
Product Description
The Sonic Reality Cinema Sessions: Gold Edition features all 4 of Sonic Reality's first Cinema Sessions volumes newly released in 2010: Cinema Sessions: Symphonic Effects, Cinema Sessions: Global Atmospheres, Cinema Sessions: Dimensional Effects, and Cinema Sessions: Ambient Atmospheres. The sample library collection also includes extra exclusive ambient cinematic pads with outrageous moods and atmospheres suitable for anything from otherworldly scenes in a movie to deep drones for electronica to beautiful sonic textures that suit any type of composition. The Cinema Sessions: Gold Edition has over 2,010 patches included in a master sample collection of musical sonic effects for film, media, and music production.

Expanding on Sonic Reality's latest "Sounds for Film" and other media categories, the Cinema Sessions: Gold Edition sound library offers unique sonic effects with a musical twist. Whether it is orchestral hits and swells, wild symphonic effects you'd hear in a blockbuster movie, 3-dimensional whooshes for a car commercial, a transition cue on TV, or the exotic ambiance of ancient Aztecs to use in film, music, or any media production, Cinema Sessions: Gold Edition is the ideal source for any music composer, DJ or media producer.

Cinema Sessions: Symphonic Effects
Cinema Sessions Symphonic Effects contains over 400 orchestral effects for film, TV, games, and popular music styles. From Sci-Fi/suspense/horror hits, drones, and intertwining melodies to emotional build-ups, this sound collection offers a wide assortment of hard-to-find symphonic effects you can use to create the ultimate soundtrack. Special features in the sample library include instant forward and reverse playback, time stretch, built-in effects, and quick-layering capabilities for building an infinite amount of complex new textures. Symphonic Effects offers world-class film-score quality effects to use in any style of music or multimedia production royalty free.

Cinema Sessions: Global Atmospheres
Cinema Sessions: Global Atmospheres contains over 350 samples of exotic sounds from all over the world. From tribal Native American drums to Ancient Aztec Ambiance to rare sounds from the Mediterranean, this sample collection is a must-have for any media producer, sound designer, or music composer. Whether you are creating authentic world sound effects for film and video games, or wanting to add ethnic sonic flavors to electronic, rock, pop, and world music, the sample library delivers a diverse range of rare sonic landscapes, percussion loops, authentic voices, and ethnic instrument riffs.

Cinema Sessions: Dimensional Effects
Cinema Sessions: Dimensional Effects features over 450 outstanding sound effects and dimensional rhythms for music and multimedia production. Special 3-D sound-encoded whooshes, deep booms, big bangs, and various electronica effects whiz by with a futuristic sound ideal for modern production. Whether you are creating transition cues for television, radio, and other multimedia, or wanting to create modern music, cutting-edge warped electronica, or avant-garde soundscapes, the Dimensional Effects sample library adds instant twisted sound design to any production.

Cinema Sessions: Ambient Atmospheres
The Cinema Sessions: Ambient Atmospheres sound collection features a combination of film texture pads, drones, and ambient soundscapes with 96k ambient sound effects from Sonic Reality. With the type of sound effects you'd hear in films and video games, to effects used in a musical context such as classic rock albums or ambient electronica, Ambient Atmospheres has a wide range of thunder storms, European train announcers, airports, oceanic soundscapes, close range fireworks, birdsong, dog barks, and futuristic "other world" sound design. Special features in the sample library include instant forward and reverse playback, time stretch, built-in effects, and quick-layering capabilities for building an infinite amount of powerful ambient soundscapes.