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Peavey KB 4 75 Watt 1x15 3-Channel Keyboard Amplifier
In stock at Guitar Center
on 4-3-2018.
Product Description
The Peavey KB 4 Keyboard Amp and PA system has separate inputs on each channel and can easily handle voice, microphones and other instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, drum machines and backing machines, as well as CD and DAT players. Other essential features of the Peavey keyboard amp include stereo effects loop, ground lift, master level, XLR out, DDT w/defeat switch, and the power to drive an external speaker. The keyboard amp includes a 15" speaker and tweeter and generates 75W to drive the internal speaker or 100W with external speakers. The stereo mixer has 2-band EQ and main effects send/return. The Mic/Line channel has 3-band EQ and effects send/return plus monitor input with level control and assign, and a headphone out with level control. Built-in casters and handle make it an easy moving amp and PA system.
Reviews From Buyers
When I first laid eyes on this Amp, Delicious! was all that I could think. My mouth actually water and my softy became strong in a way that can only be described as legendary. But after using the KB4 for a few hours I started missing the quality of sound that I normally experience through my Roland KC550/ KC500. Wow was I disappointed. I guess we should either blame this on Roland or thank Roland. You decide. Alls I'm saying is that this isn't a bad amp, but it's not a Roland (the Cadillac of Amps)either.
15" speaker and tweeter
75W/100W with external speaker
Stereo mixer with 2-band EQ and main effects send/return
Mic/Line channel with 3-band EQ and effects send/return
Monitor input with level control and assign
Headphone out with level control
Built-in casters and handle for easy moving