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Eminence Monster Metal 12 inch Speaker Kit
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-19-2018.
Product Description
Both Eminence speakers included in this kit are well known for their abundant low-end response, headroom, and fullness. The Swamp Thang speaker provides deeper lows, sustain, warmth, and a thick chunk to the mix. The Texas Heat speaker provides an interesting contrast in the lows and lower mids, adding tightness and punch. It also contributes crisp, cutting mids and nice top end bite and clarity without adding any harshness or ear piercing highs. Bass with clarity and clean headroom are the keys to this mix. Feel free to add distortion as you see fit. Each replacement speaker is 16 ohms.
Reviews From Buyers
I researched guitar speakers for a long time before deciding on this set. Eminence has a fantastic utility on their website to help you choose the right speaker for your desired sound. After deciding on the Texas Heat, I came across this set at Guitar and did a bit more research. The description online convinced me to order and I could not be more pleased. I loaded these speakers into a slant 4X12 cabinet I built 20 years ago and I was knocked out. After firing up my rig and working them out for a bit, I walked out of my studio and my wife asked how they sounded. My first response was "Like a sledgehammer". I've been playing a long time and always looking for more bottom end. Well... I've found it - and it's great!
Texas Heat Speaker:
Fat tone with top end bite and clarity
Great for American rock and blues, and Southern rock

Swamp Thang Speaker:
Great bottom end and an overall chunky sound
Perfect for blues, rock, and jazz