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Gibson 2017 Les Paul Standard T Electric Guitar
MSP: $4669.0
In stock at Guitar Center
on 4-1-2018.
Product Description
The new classic beauty. The Les Paul Standard 2017 T benefits from several groundbreaking updates. New Ultra-Modern weight relief allows for comfortable play and greater sonic depth. A luscious Grade-AAA flame maple top harks to the classic beauty of the ’Burst. An asymmetrical slim-taper neck profile with a compound-radius fingerboard and rolled binding team up for outstanding comfort, speed and bend-ability. And push-pull switching on all four knobs for coil tapping on both pickups, a pure bypass, and phase reverse all combine in a truly modern Les Paul that still looks legendary. This stellar guitar is delivered in a classic brown Gibson hardshell case with a Gibson multi-tool, a premium leather strap and a polishing cloth.
Reviews From Buyers
I have been playing for 30 years and also had a previous career in the musical instrument sales industry so I know a little bit about guitars. I had been debating for the past few months about adding a Gibson Les Paul back into my stable which include other high end guitars. The Black Friday sale at GC pushed me past the tipping point and I decided to order this Blueberry Burst Standard based on recent feedback that Gibson had ramped up their quality control and were now consistently delivering quality instruments. I'm sorry to report that in my experience nothing could be further from the truth. My guitar arrived in literally unplayable condition. Specifically, the neck was so overly bowed and twisted that it left the strings 1/4" of the fretboard. So much for all the boasting about the fancy processing equipment used to ensure the delivery of a perfectly set up "premium quality" instrument. Also, there is an issue with the lacquer they are using on these guitars that promotes a static charge build-up that you CANNOT get rid of. When you run your hand along the back of the neck (like every time you change neck position) it produces static, crackles, and pops that can be heard very clearly through any amp making this guitar completely worthless for recording or playing live. This has been verified by several other guitar techs I spoke with who are very familiar with this ongoing issue with newer Gibsons so it is not an isolated incident. The bottom line is that it is still a crapshoot when you choose to purchase a Gibson and it just shouldn't be that way. Its sad to say but I honestly believe I would have received a better playing instrument if I had order a $99 Affinity Strat! This guitar will be returned and hopefully I will find an alternative brand that cares more about quality control than living off old nostalgia.