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Middle Atlantic VTB-1 Tube Blend Microphone Preamp
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-25-2018.
Product Description
The VTB-1 from Studio Projects is a low-cost, single-channel tube blend mic preamplifier that incorporates true class A/B switching. The VTB-1 is a totally discrete circuit with a unique "Tube Drive" function that gives you the ability to blend as little, or as much of the Tube Drive as you want. The VTB-a allows you to go from a pristine solid state sound, to any combination of Tube Drive you choose, even hard distortion for guitars and bass, making this a must have mic preamp for any recording application.
Reviews From Buyers
Unlike a ART DPS I liked this preamp on vocal tracks. I found this mic preamp to be a solid all around project studio tool. I did not find the preamp to be anything spectacular for any particular application but if you need a good all around preamp this may work for you. The preamp does provide a significant mount of noise free amplification but it did not seem to really make anything seem warm. It is not a good mic preamp if you like a clear transparent sound. On the bright side I found that the preamp did not seem to muddy up a mix after adding more than 12 tracks making this a handy tool to have in the studio.