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Auralex GRAMMA Sound Isolation Riser for De-Coupling a Combo Amp, Speaker or Subwoofer
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on 8-20-2018.
Product Description
The GRAMMA Sound Isolation Riser (Gig & Recording Amplifier & Monitor Modulation Attenuator) is an incredibly effective device that's used to decouple a combo amp or loudspeaker from the floor, yielding nearly total acoustic sound isolation. The result in purity of tone is significant. An additional benefit is that the sound source, particularly a subwoofer, will no longer resonate through the floor to any space below. While it may still be heard, its effect will be severely diminished.GRAMMA comes complete with a carrying handle, road-ready carpet, Studiofoam Wedges (underneath) and PlatFoam (underneath.) One to two GRAMMAs will support most amps, speaker cabinets, theater subwoofers and monitors. An optional GRAMMA gigbag is available.
  • yields nearly total acoustic isolation, resulting in a purity of tone that has to be heard to be believed
  • helps you achieve a more natural tone
  • get the sound you want out of any room!
  • An incredibly effective patented device that's used to float an amp or loudspeaker