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Tascam DP-24SD 24-Track Digital Portastudio
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-31-2018.
Product Description
Along with their inventory of smaller portable recording studios, Tascam maintains a line of more elaborate, detailed and capable all-in-one console recorders. The Tascam DP-24SD is a stand-alone tabletop recording studio that records 24 tracks to built-in solid state recording media. No fussing with onboard CD burners, cards and data transfer. The hard drive is built right into the recorder. Along with the convenience and power of an internal hard drive, the DP-24SD has a mountain of essential features that will help you present your productions with a professional sheen and clear, intelligible audio.

The DP-24SD has 12 tracks that are selectable between MONO and STEREO. Set to STEREO for recording synthesizer, or set to MONO when recording live guitar or vocal. Not only that, you can create ideal settings for each track.Even with its high number of tracks and rich features set the DP-24SD is one of the easiest to use multi-track recorders on the market. The DP-24SD has 19 track faders and one master fader.
Reviews From Buyers
I have had the older DP-24 unit for about 2 years. the only limitations are on the use of guitr effects and dynamic effects..For example, you cannot use a compressor and and De-esser on track. That said, I record mostly acoustic gutiar in Stereo and vocals. I some times add bass and/or lead guitar. For this is is wonderful and easy to use. The preamps are very good as is the A/D converson. The digital compression is excellend and I the reverbs are very good. All I really need..Works flawlessly and is so very easy to use...Most importantly it sounds great!