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Lakland Skyline 44-02 4 String Bass
In stock at Guitar Center
on 4-3-2018.
Product Description
A Lakland humbucker (bridge) and a single-coil (neck) are teamed with the same 3-band active preamp used in the US-made 55-94 to let you dial in an incredible range of tones. 3-way toggle splits coils for increased tonal range. It has that deep Lakland cutaway on the high register side of the neck that allows easy access to highest frets for throwing licks on top of your grooves. Ash body with quilt maple top.

Lakland luthiers now do their fret work using Plek technology to assure optimum playability. Plek is a CAD/CAM machine with scanning capability. It was developed to perform high-speed, highly accurate fret dressing, nut and bridge slotting and shaping, and engraving work. When used by an experienced luthier, the Plek machine produces necks with fretwork and action that equal the very best handwork and does it consistently. Case sold separately.
Reviews From Buyers
I got a great deal on mine, used through GC. They called it "good used condition", and it was nearly new, more store demo than used, so thanks GC. First, understated good looks. Nice gloss finish on an ash body, clean maple neck. It's a distinct shape, but I like it fine. The neck is really good, fast, satin smooth and very close to a Fender Jazz, but not quite as narrow at the nut. Like all necks, it's a matter of taste, but very pleasing to me. It came with the best action of any bass I've ever owned, (which is only 10, but still) it's just a treat to play. The pickups are powerful and quiet, and the tones you can get with the active preamp cover anything I'll ever need. I do appreciate the bypass feature, just in case I ever have a battery die on a gig. All the hardware seems good quality, the balance is right (no neck dive) and I anticipate no problems. In all, a very good instrument that will keep me happy for years.