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Takamine TC132SC Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Guitar
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-31-2018.
Product Description
A fine solid cedar top generates authentic classical tone while a stunning solid rosewood back, laminated sides, plus a rosewood fingerboard and precision marquetry rosette lend huge visual impact. The CTP-1 Cool Tube Preamp provides precision tone control and an actual cool-running tube for lush warmth. Built-in chromatic tuner. The cutaway and signature Takamine neck profile make it a delight to play.
Reviews From Buyers
I purchased this guitar in May 2011, it has the CTP2 electronics which sounds really great. I got this guitar to begin learning Classical Guitar. This model has a 2" nut and gives the spacing needed for finger style playing. Note, if your hands are small like mine it will take time to develop the finger stretch necessary to some of the chords at the top of the next. The sides are laminated Rosewood but the back is solid Rosewood and the top is solid Ceadar. Both of these tone woods really give this guitar a warm rich sound with a lot of sustain. I felt that this guitar has the most features to offer for its price point. Takamine's craftmanship is excellent, no additional setup was required with unsurpassed electronics.
Solid cedar top
Solid rosewood back
Laminated rosewood sides
Rosewood fretboard
Gold tuners
CTP-1 Cool Tube preamp