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El Dorado Vintage Leather Guitar Strap
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-31-2018.
Product Description
This strap is all about understated elegance and vintage vibe. Fashioned of the very finest stitched saddle leather, the shoulder pad is lined in genuine sheepskin shearling, and fitted with a cast stainless buckle. Vintage-style 1" width. Adjusts 45"-51"
Reviews From Buyers
The strap looks amazing, very worn and old looking leather. The color is perfect, the buckles look a hundred years old. There's not too much padding on the shoulder pad, also they loop the strap in and out of the pad making it uneven and uncomfortable, just take the strap off and run it over the pad, the fender logo will be covered up but it looks better and is more comfy. I bought this for my weight relieved Les Paul but 3/4 of an inch strap and not that comfortable of a pad for that weight didnt wok. It does make a perfect strap for my very light faded SG. I bought an El Dorado for the paul, one inch strap with a bigger pad but not a pillow looking pad. For a light guitar this is a big winner. You will not find a more vintage looking strap.