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Mogami Gold Neglex Quad Microphone Cable for Studio Neutrik XLR
In stock at Guitar Center
on 4-3-2018.
Product Description
When you get your Mogami Gold Neglex Quad Mic Cable, you'll see why virtually every major recording facility in the world is wired with Mogami cable. Mogami is famous for unmatched accuracy, extremely low noise, and remarkable flexibility. Top engineers rave about Mogami mic cable's amazing clarity and silent background. If accuracy in reproduction is your goal, Mogami Gold Neglex Quad Mic Cable is the cable for you.
Reviews From Buyers
Anyone who thinks that $50 for a cable is too much is vastly mistaken. You can buy dozens of cheap cables to one Mogami cable. There is a reason professional studios rely on Mogami and not the bargain bin. Mogami is the MOST ACCURATE, MOST DURABLE, provides the best shielding, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Mogami actually knows cables and how to design them for professional audio applications. Mogami isn't about gimmicks, marketing, or over-inflated costs they are about PURE QUALITY. In sound reproduction you get what you pay for. If you put in shoddy cables, shoddy sounds come out. Don't compromise your sound, play with confidence.