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Eminence Legend 1218 12 inch Guitar Speaker
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-31-2018.
Product Description
The Eminence Legend 1218 12" Guitar Speaker delivers warm, smooth and fat American tone with a hint of smooth British break-up. Its coloration favors country, blues and jazz.

Eminence recommends the Legend 121 as a direct replacement in the Fender Twin combo Amp.
Reviews From Buyers
Needed speaker for extension cabinet I made 1x12 pine open back. The HRD has Celestion A type in it need to warm up sound and pair with this speaker. HRD sits a top this cabinet and now I've got full articulate sounds as well as a overdriven set of channels I can really use. This pairing won't disappoint the 1218 is full and warm (vintage sound) and the A type is brighter fills out upper mids and top end very well, the 1218 dose the rest.