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Catalinbread Royal Albert Hall WIIO RAH Hiwatt Emulation Guitar Effects P...
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on 3-29-2018.
Product Description
This overdrive effects pedal features the specific three-knob tone circuit straight from the custom "Jimmy Page" model Hiwatt. Like most traditional amp EQ circuits, the knobs are interactive, meaning turning one can alter the behavior of the other. The magic is getting the Mid and Bass controls dialed in together. Tweak those until you get the right tone for your guitar and amp. You'll notice that the Treble knob is fairly subtle, adding a bit of bite as it is turned up. If you scoop the Mid and turn up the Bass however, the Treble knob will seem a lot more active.

The RAH is designed to deliver guitarists an incredible dynamic range that responds to picking hand and/or volume knob. Like a good amplifier the RAH is very uncompressed, which means there is little to "hide behind". This pedal is for players who appreciate the rewards and experience of a wide dynamic response. Plug the RAH into a clean(ish) tube amplifer, leave the pedal on all the time accessing clean tones by rolling back your guitar's volume knob, or turn it on and off as your "gain channel".
Reviews From Buyers
I was very skeptical at first. I thought this would be to good to be true and that I would be disappointed but, I wasn't. This pedal has not been turned off since I bought it. It gives my Blackstar HT5R some much needed thump. The pedal is so dynamic. I can get great cleans with just rolling back the volume knob. This pedal is perfect with my Les Paul and decent with the Start. I add a boost in line when using the Start and it really helps the overdrive. I highly recommend this for Page fans or someone looking for an overall rocking overdrive that is dynamic.