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Fishman AST Powerbridge Pickup
In stock at Guitar Center
on 4-3-2018.
Product Description
The Fishman AST Powerbridge is an acoustic pickup designed for Tele-style electric guitars. The AST Powerbridge gives you access to a whole new range of acoustic and hybrid electric-acoustic sounds with your Tele. The Fishman powerchip is recommended, but not required for the Powerbridge.
Reviews From Buyers
I ordered this to replace a bridge on a guitar I got from Ebay where the bridge was rusted solid and unadjustable. The new bridge installed in minutes and sounds awesome. The nice thing about this bridge is that it is flat on the back and doesn't require the routed cavity for the connection board. My guitar already had the pre-amp, I was told that I really didn't need it but it sure sounds sweet with it. It really is pretty amazing!