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Ibanez SR505ZW 5 String Electric Bass
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-29-2018.
Product Description
Since 1987, musicians all over the world have come to know the playing comfort and unique sound of the Ibanez SR series bass. With its 3-band EQ and its newly developed 3-way mid-frequency select switch, the Ibanez SR500 bass can produce any sound you require.

The SR505 bass starts with a balanced, contoured mahogany body that's comfortable and resonates well for strong lows and low mids. The sleek and strong 5-piece SR5 jatoba/bubinga neck is easy to play with just the right width and radius. The smooth curve and beveled styling of the neck joint will also be appreciated when reaching for high notes.

The SR505 features an easy-access 9V battery box, powering a Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ. The 2 Bartolini MK-1 pickups are split-coil designs that provide a very wide frequency range and enhanced definition for maximum accuracy. The neck and bridge pickups have equal response, like traditional single-coils, but without the hum and noise.
Reviews From Buyers
This is the fancy wood version of the SR505 that also comes in plain brown, a couple of sunbursts and a burl finish. The difference other than price is 99% visual. The zebra wood is beautiful. These are the lowest tier basses that get the Bartolini pickups and that makes a difference that you can really hear. Alone or in a mix, I like this sound better than the Nordstand big singles that come on the premium line. This unit just sounds more like a bass.

The EQ section has a switch that provides two distinct outputs. Either sounds good with the three pots at the center indent. Pulling the mid down some brings out that desirable fat but bright sound. Push the mid up and the bass will get a good honk going.

It's better to keep the bass and treble closer to the middle of the range as the extreme settings can be a bit too much or too little. The two knobs I use the most are the mid and the balance. Adding a compressor before your pre-amp and/or an equalizer after will let you play further into the highs and lows without excessive rumble or scratch.

If you are used to 19 mm string spacing, this bass may be a challenge. Play it for long enough and the 4-string spacing of other basses will make you wonder why they have to be so wide. The 34" scale gives a reasonable B string tension. Going with stainless steel round wound strings of the same .130" diameter would probably tighten it up a bit.

It looks good, plays great and isn't so expensive that you'd cry over the first time you nick the headstock on a cymbal or whatever. If you like this one, you should probably cross-shop the equivalent Schecters. The weight and flat fretboard of the BTB bass will wear you out. The maple and gold of the upper SRs look like they belong in a ball room. The 505 is a very happy space to play.