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Sax Dakota SDT-XG 606 Professional Tenor Saxophone
MSP: $3675.0
In stock at Guitar Center
on 1-10-2018.
Product Description
This professional-quality tenor saxophone features a rose brass body, bow, bell and neck, and is presented here in a Gray Onyx-plated body and bow with a bright silver-plated bell and neck. Its bold yet tasteful aesthetic strikes a balance between class and confidence, between elegance and modernity.

An oversized bell helps give it its tenor honk, and oxide steel needle springs, tilting spatula keys and tapered steel pivot screws contribute to its fast and satisfying action. It also features stainless steel long rods, genuine Mother-of-Pearl key touches in various shades and double-key arms on all bell key cups. Adjustment screws on vital key areas afford its excellent intonation.

Extensive hand engraving on the bell and neck and an ergonomic key design complete the package. Includes wood case with russet trim, tweed covering and brass hardware.
Rose brass body, bow, bell and neck
Gray Onyx plated body and  bow
Bright silver-plated bell and neck
18K Gold-plated keys and trim
Oversized bell
Double key arms on all bell key cups
Oxide steel needle springs
Tilting spatula keys
Tapered steel pivot screws
Genuine mother of pearl key pearls in various shades.
Extensive Hand engraving on Bell and neck
Ergonomic key design
All long rods are stainless steel
Adjustment screws on vital key areas
Wood case with russet trim, tweed covering, brass hardware