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Knox Professional Electric Drum Set w 5 Drums & 3 Cymbals
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on 5-31-2018.
Product Description
Compact and QuietThe Knox KN-PROED Professional Electric Drum Kit is a great solution for drummers who need to practice with a minimum amount of noise or who have limited space for a traditional drum kit.

When completely assembled, it takes up much less space than a traditional drum kit, and it can quickly be broken down and stored in a closet or under a bed when not in use.

The digital pads only produce a small amount of noise when struck so you won't disturb anyone when you're playing.

There's also a headphone jack built into the control panel so you can crank the volume up as high as you want and play an entire rock concert that only you can hear! All the Features of a Traditional Drum KitThe Knox Professional Electric Drum Kit gives you everything you need to play a wide variety of music, or massive drum solos, right out of the box!

The Kit Includes:
  • Five (5) Drum Pads
  • Three (3) Cymbal Pads
  • One (1) Hi-Hat Pedal
  • One (1) Kick Drum Pedal

The drum and cymbal pads feature touch sensitive rims, so you can execute rim shots and bow shots just like on a traditional drum kit.

Additionally, the hi-hat pedal has three different positions that mimic the sound of a physical hi-hat cymbal when depressed.

With this much versatility, the Knox Professional Electric Drum Set makes it easy for players to practice a wide range of drumming techniques without investing in a lot of expensive equipment. A Range of Percussion in One KitThe Knox Professional Electric Drum Kit includes a preprogrammed digital library of 26 different drum kits.

This allows users to practice or record different styles of music without having to invest money in multiple drum heads and percussion instruments.

The digital drum kit’s memory can also hold 15 custom drum settings that you create yourself.

458 different drum voices, percussion voices and special effects are at your fingertips, ready for you to experiment and expand your skill set. Letting you setup virtually any drum kit you can imagine!

This digital library of tones and sounds gives you access to an entire warehouse of instruments in a single compact digital drum kit. Intuitive & Easy-to-Use Control ConsoleThe 26 different drum kits, 15 custom settings, 458 voices and effects and more are controlled by 1 extremely intuitive and easy-to-use control console.

The large, easy-to-read LED screen displays everything you need to know. Current settings in use, such as voice, tempo & volume settings, and much more.

Each of the 15 buttons is clearly marked and has a specific function assigned to it to save users from the hassle of cycling through confusing menus.

For Example

  • Select a Demo Song - Just press SONG until you get to the track you want
  • Saving a Drum Kit - Once you perfected a kit you love, just hit SAVE
  • Compact Design That's Easy to Set Up and Break Down
  • 3 Tom Pads, 1 Snare Pad, 1 Kick Drum Pad, 3 Cymbal Pads, 1 Kick Drum Pedal, 1 Hi-Hat Pedal
  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel with LED Display / 458 Different Tone Voices
  • Digital Libr