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Spectrum AIL 439 54 Note Electric Keyboard
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on 8-20-2018.
Product Description

Spectrum AIL 439 54 Note Electric Keyboard with Headphones:
  • 16 tones
  • 8 rhythms
  • 8 percussions and 8 demo songs
  • 2 volume controls
  • Tempo controls
  • Record and replay
  • Single finger chords
  • USB input
  • Microphone input
  • Includes music holder and AC adaptor
Reviews From Buyers
Bought this at Christmas for my 7 year old niece because she asked for a keyboard. She loved it. I only played with it a little on Christmas but it's quite impressive. It has many different features that sounded great. I do not play piano or keyboard and neither does she so this gift requires a little reading on how to use all the features but I think this was reasonably priced and is appropriate for someone of this age group. Even just exploring all the different buttons and playing around can get one closer to learning how to use this. I think there is an app or a website to help but we didn't get that far on Christmas (so many distractions with other gifts too). The keys are small for little hands and she looked comfortable playing it. It does plug into an outlet but I don't know if you could put batteries in it too. I recommend this for a young person. It doesn't come with a stand though and I think that would be helpful but I guess you could easily prop it on a dresser or desk too.
  • 54 Keys
  • 16 Tones / 8 Rhythms
  • 8 Percussions
  • 8 Demo songs
  • USB Port