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Peavey KB 5 150 Watt 2x10 4-Channel Keyboard Amp
In stock at Guitar Center
on 4-3-2018.
Product Description
The KB 5 was designed as a personal PA system in a keyboard amp. The KB 5 features separate inputs on each channel and can easily handle voice, microphones and other instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, drum machines and backing machines, such as CD and DAT players. Other essential features include stereo effects loop, ground lift, master level, XLR balanced stereo line out, DDT defeat switch and the capability to drive an external speaker.
Reviews From Buyers
With 4 channels including one XLR channel, the KB5 does everything needed to support small groups and rehearsals. Two cones and a horn do a good job of mixing and projecting a wide range of frequencies simultaneously: voice, bass, guitar with effects and keyboard. Obviously it is a compromise compared with a full sound board, but the KB5 fulfills the role it was bought for completely. The built in castors and handle are a a great feature, though the amp drags a little on even low pile carpet. Beats carrying it by a wide margin. The only other criticism would be that the labels for inputs and knobs are printed in black over taupe. That makes them impossible to read except in bright light. I have not had the opportunity to use it as a powered monitor, but have every reason to believe it would work well.