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Fender Standard Precision Bass with Maple Fretboard
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on 5-10-2018.
Product Description
The sounds that create legends. Since its birth in the early '50s, the Fender Precision Bass guitar has remained the ubiquitous standard for thick tone and smooth playability. Fender's Standard Precision Bass incorporates the best of the old and the now, offering a modern single-coil pickup, shielded body cavity, medium jumbo frets, a vintage-style Fender Bridge, tinted neck (now available with a maple fretboard),three-ply parchment pickguard and a '70s-era logo. The Standard Precision Bass -- plug one in and listen for yourself. This version of the Fender Standard Precision Bass features a Maple fretboard for slightly brighter sound and faster action.
Reviews From Buyers
I just recently got the 2011 production model-candy apple red with maple neck. I absolutely love it-everything including the fretwork and setup was perfect! I did switch to D'Addario Chrome flats to smooth out the iconic P Bass sound. For country, rock or jazz I love this bass. This is a beautiful value for any bassist who wants a P Bass. Anyone who says this bass is overpriced is nuts! It sounds and looks as nice as my American P Basses!
Weight, Dimensions, and Manufacturer Part Numbers
Arctic White
Shipping Weight: 13 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 51 x 15 x 5 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 0146102580
Arctic White, with Fender Rumble 500 Bass Combo Amp V3
Shipping Weight: 55 lbs