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Sax Dakota SDSS-1024 Professional Straight Soprano Saxophone
In stock at Guitar Center
on 6-28-2017.
Product Description

This one-piece tube Straight Soprano design was conceived decades ago, and remains fiercely defended as the best soprano design style. Its attributes of no turbulence, no steps in the tube and no collar screws have garnered a staunch user community who understand the vast expressive power of straight tubes. The SDSS-1024 is defined by its sure tonality, solid and focused projection, and perfect intonation in all registers. Using Sax Dakota's original post-to-body design, the essence and purity of the soprano comes through with ease. Available only in Gray Onyx.

  • Yellow brass body, bow, bell and neck
  • Gray onyx plated neck, body and bow
  • Matte silver-plated keys, guards and trim
  • Oversized bell
  • Blue steel needle springs
  • Tilting spatula keys
  • Tapered pivot screws
  • Genuine mother of pearl key pearls
  • Hand engraving
  • Ergonomic key design
  • Adjustment screws on vital key areas