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Theory and Practice of Technology-Based Music Instruction
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on 4-16-2018.
Product Description
Based on educational theory, and on recognized music teaching methods,Theory and Practice of Technology-Based Music Instructiondevelops a framework for examining music teaching that uses technology to introduce, reinforce, and assess skills and concepts. The framework guides in-depth discussions about theoretical and philosophical foundations of technology-based music instruction (TBMI), materials for teaching, teaching behaviors, and assessment of student work, teacher work, and fit of technology into the music program. The book includes examples of TBMI lessons from real teachers, and analyses of the successful and developing parts of these lessons. Also included are Profiles of Practice: firsthand accounts of music teachers using technology in their classrooms based on the author's observations, and the teachers' own reflections on their work. Because TBMI is situated in the world of public education, issues of accountability and standards are addressed. Also included are recommendations for professional development in technology based music instruction. Finally, the text looks to the future to discuss emerging technologies, alternative ensembles, and social issues that may impact technology based music instruction in years to come.

Author Biography

Jay Dorfman is an Assistant Professor in Music Education at Boston University, where he teaches courses in music technology, instrumental music and research. He holds degrees in music education from Northwestern University (PhD) and the University of Miami (MM, BM). Dr. Dorfman has extensive experience teaching technology-based music at K-12 and university levels.