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Behringer MOTOR 61 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller, 61-Key
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on 8-20-2018.
Product Description
The Behringer MOTOR 61 master keyboard controller allows you to take total command over your virtual instruments and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Featuring amazingly-smooth action, motorized faders and touch-sensitive pads, the MOTOR 61 provides an unparalleled level of control for the ultimate creative expression. The 61 semi-weighted full-sized keys, 60 mm faders and backlit drums give you hands-on control over all the parameters of your favorite DAW. An incredible hardware-based arpeggiator enables you to instantly add arpeggios to software and hardware synths and create complex arrangements on the fly.

MOTOR 61's endless rotary encoders provide immediate feedback about your software, plus the convenient, backlit transport section puts all playback and record functions right at your fingertips. You get fast, easy-to-read information at-a-glance, thanks to MOTOR 61's spacious, backlit LCD screen. Behringer also loaded this amazing controller with a variety of extremely-useful presets so you can start creating quickly, without mapping or instant recall. MOTOR 61 is the fast and easy way to get you back "in-touch" with every element of your creativity.

An Awesome and Illuminating Experience

The keyboard features 61 expressive, full-sized keys with velocity and aftertouch to deliver a superior feel. You'll like the weighted feel of the large keys. And after you strike one of our sturdy keys, it responds in ways that will please the most seasoned musician. Aftertouch will imbue your sound with variations of pitch, volume, modulation or color - whatever parameters you choose. Whether you have a heavy, or soft playing style, MOTOR 61 always responds to your touch.

Faders that Dance with Your Music

The days of keyboard players setting up a separate MIDI fader controller are finally over -- a fresh day of empowerment and ease-of-use has dawned, thanks to MOTOR 61's nine motorized 60 mm touch-sensitive faders. Now you get the very same technology found in Behringer's award-winning X32 digital mixing console to give you the ultimate control over your DAW mixer, soft synths or effect units.

Dedicated, Sensitive Drum Pads

Much like MOTOR 61's keyboard, the back-lit drum pads are velocity and pressure sensitive, letting you take your drum performance and sample or loop triggering to the next level. Sequence beats, or fire off your favorite sample or effect and save your keyboard for more expressive play.

8 illuminated Rotary Encoders

When switching between plug-ins, MOTOR 61's rotary encoders automatically, and visually let you know where plug-in parameters are set. The 8 ultra-precise, brightly, illuminated encoders and LED collars provide a clear and instant overview of all software parameters at all times -- allowing you to stay in the creative moment.

Drum Pads on Deck

When it comes to create really-captivating drum tracks -- MOTOR 61's dynamic drum pads make all the difference! By providing total control over soft synth drum sounds, with a real drum feel that simply must be experienced, 8 velocity and pressure-sensitive backlit drum pads re-define the ultimate drum and sample-loop performance.

Automatic Mapping

The MOTOR 61 works right out of the box, with MIDI modes that automatically map all 61 keys to commonly used parameters of popular software instruments and audio workstations. Plus Behringer offers free user presets for your favorite setup, including specific software/hardware combinations.

Transport Always Ready for Your Inspiration

The backlit transport section on the MOTOR 61 provides quick, fingertip access to your playback and record modes -- and swapping between faders, encoders and pad banks is as simple as the press of a button. Easy - amazingly easy!

Arpeggiate and Unleash Your Creativity

The hardware-based arpeggiator lets you add arpeggios on the fly, helping you create complex arrangements. Electro-Pop and EDM are filled with arpeggios and the MOTOR 61 adds this ability to ANY soft synth with the most-advanced arpeggiator in the industry.

Sublime Flexibility

With the fantastic MOTOR 61 at your command, you can communicate with your Mac or PC and instruments via USB or MIDI In/Out/Thru - including merge functionality.

You simply won't find a more versatile USB/MIDI master controller keyboard with motorized faders and touch-sensitive pads at this price. Whether you want to rock out drum patterns, play a synth or tweak tracks in a mix, the MOTOR 61 has the amazing feel and response to turn you into the master of your musical software. Get the MOTOR 61 today and start creating your next masterpiece tonight!


- 61 semi-weighted full-size keys featuring expressive velocity and after-touch functionality
- 9 motorized 60 mm touch-sensitive faders to control your DAW mixer, drawbar organ, soft synths or effect units
- 8 backlit drum pads with velocity and pressure-sensitivity for ultimate drum and sample-loop performance
- Standard MIDI modes for ultimate flexibility with your DAW software
- Hardware-based arpeggiator allows creation of complex patterns regardless of software limitations
- Ultra-precise, illuminated endless rotary encoders with LED rings provide a clear overview of all software parameters
- Backlit transport section for direct access to your DAW record/play engine
- Quick individual bank select for faders, encoders and pads
- Large backlit LCD screen for optimal overview, easy editing and quick status check
- Built-in presets - no complex mapping required; additional free user presets for your favorite software/hardware assignments
- Flexible communication via USB or MIDI In/Out/Thru - including merge functionality
- Plug and play with Mac OS X and Windows XP or higher operating systems
Reviews From Buyers
What a great midi controller, this works great live or in the studio. Can you find another keyboard with motorized faders at this price? I don't think so! It works with several of the top DAW's out there. You won;t be disappointed with this one!
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Shipping Weight: 19 lbs
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Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): MOTOR61
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Shipping Weight: 19 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 43 x 15 x 5 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): MOTOR61
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Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): MOTOR61