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Seiko STMX1 Clip-on Tuner/Metronome
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-31-2018.
Product Description
The Seiko STMX1 Clip-on Tuner/Metronome is a convenient way to check the tuning of stringed instruments such as violins, guitars, and basses, as well as woodwind & brasswind instruments. Just clip on the STMX1 to your peghead or bell and it will hear what you play either through your instrument's vibrations or via the onboard mic. The vibration sensor mode is particularly effective when you're trying to tune your instrument in a noisy environment.

The STMX1 also functions as a metronome with the same 7 LEDs used to indicate your intonation. The LEDs are easy to read whether it be in dim lighting or direct sunlight. A tempo click or beep can also be activated.
Easy to use
Clips on to most instruments
Vibration sensor and mic
LED and LCD display
Memory back up
Auto power off
Digital cent indication