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Fishman Limited Edition Loudbox Mini 60 Watt 1x6.5 Acoustic Combo Amp
In stock at Guitar Center
on 4-3-2018.
Product Description
The lightest and most portable amp in the Loudbox series, the 60-watt Fishman Loudbox Mini weighs less than 20 lbs., yet is loud enough for a small venue. The Loudbox Mini delivers the natural sound from your instrument and features 2 channels, 60 watts of power, a 6.5" low-frequency driver and a 1" tweeter, feedback suppression, and simple-to-use EQ dials.

Effects include digital reverb and chorus for the instrument channel and reverb for the microphone channel. An auxiliary input lets you easily hook up your MP3 player or metronome. An XLR direct output lets you to monitor onstage and send a balanced signal to the mixing board without needing an extra DI box.
Reviews From Buyers
I play in an acoustic duo. I used this at a restaruant/pub venue last week. I used a Epiphone Masterbilt a/e and a Fender Strat, playing each about 50/50. I also use a Digitech Live Vocalist pedal. The venue had a house pa, so I used the Fishman for my stage monitor and ran a line out. The sound was excellent, easy to tweak on the fly. Was really surprised how well the Strat sounded thru it. I also use an ABY pedal so I can plug both guitars in at the same time and switch without having to unplug. I've seen the 5 star ratings on this unit, and believe me, they are all accurate. I orded the custom cream finish, 'cause I like to be different. Very cool look. If you're thinking about buying one of these, pull the trigger !