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Hercules Stands GS526B Guitar Rack with 6 Piece Folding Yokes
In stock at Guitar Center
on 4-3-2018.
Product Description
Though the GS526B Guitar Rack can be used for putting guitars on display at a store, it's also anyone with a large collection of guitars who wants one convenient place to hold them. Whether on the stage, in a studio, or in your home, this ingeniously designed rack has 6 folding yokes to hold six acoustic guitars, electric guitars, or basses-it's a great solution for a band to leave its gear in one place when not in use.

The GS52B has a folding Auto Grip System (AGS) that holds your instrument on the stand. Simply flip the AGS up into place, and when you're ready to pack up, pull out on the sleeve and fold it down. The Auto Grip System is driven by the weight of the guitar or bass. When placed in the yoke, the housing slides down, rotating the arms to secure it. When you are ready to play, lift up on your instrument and the AGS automatically releases.

Specially formulated foam rubber is used on all the contact points between the stand and your instrument so you don't have to worry about your finish getting scratched or chipped when changing out instruments.

The folding back rests flip down to support your instrument. Angle it up to adjust the position of your instrument and fold it up all the way for packing and stowing.
Reviews From Buyers
I bought this a couple weeks ago and it is great. I have three basses and two guitars that took up alot of space in my room, but after i bought this my problem was solved. Not only does it save alot of space but it also looks cool and really professional. I would have gave it 5 stars but since I am a bass player it was a really tight fit for my three basses, not a big deal I just have to be more careful putting my basses on and taking them off the stand. But if you are a guitar player you should have no problem stocking this thing up with guitars. This would also be great for a band.