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Eminence Deltalite II 2510 Replacement PA Speaker
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-23-2018.
Product Description
The Eminence Deltalite II 2510 is recommended for professional audio as a mid, high, or full-range and monitor speaker; or for bass guitar amps, the Deltalite II 2510 is a 10" neodymium speaker with a power rating of 250W and a peak of 500W. The PA speaker features an aluminum voice coil, paper cone, die-cast aluminum basket/heatsink, and works well in sealed or vented enclosures.
Reviews From Buyers
i work in a medium sized music venue, and we have national acts come through several times a month. that being said,it's very important for our equipment to function properly, with no sacrifice of sound quality. i had a full range jbl drum box, with a 18", a 10", and a 1"driver. the 10" gave in one day and i needed it replaced asap...after a little research i discovered that for less money than the jbl replacement speaker,which was lower wattage and wasn't a neodynium style magnet.the eminence delta ellite was a perfect's higher wattage and neodynium magnet are great selling points, however to my suprise the sound quality wasn't even close. the eminence speaker has put new life into the speaker box. the only downside is, now i need to order another one for the matching box so it will sound as good as the box with the eminence speaker. all said and done, the eminence speaker is cheaper than the jbl replacement,higher wattage, neodynium magnet,and sounds twice as good as the jbl....i will be using more of this series of speakers in the future....