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Summit Audio TD-100 Instrument Preamp and Tube Direct Box
In stock at Guitar Center
on 3-31-2018.
Product Description
The Summit Audio TD-100 is an instrument preamp and tube DI that brings true high-end audio quality to home studios. An excellent-sounding input stage for digital recording, adding personality and quality to the signal before it hits the converters. 12AX7A/ECC83 tube provides milky warmth. Transistor output section uses ±24V rails to boost the tube sound with no added coloration. Tube loading and output gain controls let you tailor the tone to your taste. Polarity reverse, ground lift, plus signal and peak LEDs. Also works great as a tube headphone amp.
Reviews From Buyers
It's decent, but I find it burns through tubes too quickly, once every 10 months or so, which are not so easy to replace on the spot at a gig. I also have a Avalon U5, which is NOT lackluster, blows this thing out of the water, and is only $100 more. I orginally chose the TD-100 because I needed a 1u, half-rack sized preamp. I ended up having to get creative to fit the U5 into my rack instead, because I got fed up with the TD-100's tubes burning out and its uninspiring, but decent sound. It's not bad, but go for the Avalon.