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DR Strings NEON Hi-Def Green Bass SuperStrings Medium 6 String
In stock at Guitar Center
on 4-3-2018.
Product Description
NEON is the second in DR's SuperStrings series. Super bright in daylight, and with stage lighting. DR's NEON strings are so bright in appearance "they look like they are on fire." DR's NEON strings shine brightly under stage lights, and are 100% black light active so they glow strongly under UV lighting. And DR's NEON sound as good as they look. As Joey Clemment from Selena Gomez said, "Yeah they look great, but they sound incredible!"
Reviews From Buyers
I put these green meanies on my equally mean, beautiful translucent emerald green Carvin LB76 6-string bass, and wow, is it ever an attention-getter. The strings will glow in the dark under a black light, which I haven't tried yet. They sound crisp and clean but can produce an evil rumble when I want it. They perform as well as they look. Also, these strings don't cost any more than other strings of similar quality, so I consider that a pretty good deal. I never treat my basses roughly, so I should get plenty of good use out of them. Green strings on a green bass - I'm quite sure the Irish are quite proud on me, plus I can finally say with complete honesty that I've gone green.